A world beyond.
Hassle-free planning, regional Tour Directors & Local Guides, Handpicked hotels and inclusions, seamless transportation, VIP access, and rare Local Favourites that go beyond the guidebook. 


Adventure is knocking.
Turn “never thought I would” into “glad I did” with a budget-friendly tour that includes all the essentials plus a great mix of included excursions and free time. 


Cruising Elevated.
Cruise on Suite Ships with the widest stateroom views from your window-facing bed. Relaxed luxury flows throughout the ship in every detail plus personalise with Classic, Active, and Discovery excursions.

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While you’re out exploring, we know you don’t want to miss a beat – either on your tour or from home. On your Globus tour, staying connected is literally at your fingertips. Globus coaches have free Wi-Fi, and most hotels offer free Wi-Fi connection in the lobby. When driving through some regions, which don’t support Wi-Fi, it’s an invitation to recline and relax – or review the recent memories you’ve captured on your camera.

Even getting from A to B can be an event. That’s why our luxe couches have Wi-Fi, soft, semi-reclining lounge seats, sophisticated sound system and air conditioning. With panoramic windows, you’ll be gazing out at the scenery in what we like to call ‘wide screen life’. So sit back and relax on our remarkable rides; it’s all part of the recipe to make sure you arrive invigorated and ready to be blown away by your next destination.

You’ll find we sometimes throw in transport surprises, whether it be a train trip in the Swiss Alps or a cruise down a Dutch canal. u’ll never find yourself stressing about making it to the ferry on time or queuing for a cable car ticket. We take care of the details – your job is to fly further, awaken every sense and feel alive in way you never thought possible.

Tipping can awkward. How much to tip, if at all?

As a general rule, in restaurants 10 – 15% cash is a fair amount. However, be aware that tipping can be as high as 20% (in places like North America). In places where service is included, maybe round up with a few dollars.

For a Tour Director, who you feel created a deeper, more rewarding travel experience by going beyond in every detail, 5 Euros per day per tour member is a wonderful show of appreciation, as is 3 Euros for your Tour Driver (Globus staff and local guide gratuities aren’t included in your prices).

Check-Ins to Hotel on Day One of the Trip
Some tours meet and take off on the same day. Others have check-in the evening before your tour starts. Check your documents or log into your MyAccount to see when your adventure starts.

Travel Photography

Living in the moment is what’s it’s all about, but we know you’ll also want to capture some of those precious moments to relive and stories you’ll want to share. Extra memory cards for your camera or an extra battery pack for your smartphone mean you can keep going without taking a break to recharge.

Just remember, not all spaces are photo-friendly. Some museums, religious buildings, shows etc have photography restrictions. If in doubt check in with your Tour Director, you friend in the know.